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Founded in 2005 in Palo Alto, California by Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Multiven is a service provider specializing in cyber defense and network equipment maintenance.

Multiven is the first independent company to offer Internet network maintenance services and ensure network security. « Initially, there was no company focused on maintaining the integrity of the global Internet infrastructure that does not depend on manufacturers, » says Peter Alfred Adekeye, CEO of the company. Thus, I decided to found Multiven « .

Thanks to the services offered by Multiven, it is possible to ensure the security and stability of the Internet network, while saving money. Several options are proposed:

  • Multiven Oyster is a free cloud application that simplifies how organisations inventory and manage all of their IT, hardware and software assets. It monitors the costs and status of all network equipment, from acquisition to decommissioning, while enabling collaboration across the company’s various services and countries in the cloud.
  • Multiven Pearl, which provides 24/7 direct to expert support, pro-active solutions, an AI-aware knowledge engine and lifetime software support. This offer is deployed on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis for a customers’ entire network install-base.
  • Multiven Pearl Guard is a network-based cyberdefense service that guarantees to stop cyber-attacks within a network and restore service within 24 hours of an attack. What makes Multiven Pearl Guard different from other cyber products is the fact that (1) It is neutral, impartial and independent with no allegiance to any nation state; (2) It focuses on eliminating Advanced Persistent Threats, which are the most intrusive and pervasive form of cyberattacks; (3)  It is powered by an elite team of 1000+ network and security experts in 55 countries.
  • The Multiven Marketplace is an online platform that provides owners of pre-owned Cisco software licenses with the unprecedented ability to recycle their unwanted Cisco software and resell it. Currently, only Cisco software licenses within the European Economic Area (i.e. the EU 28 nation states, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lietchtenstein) can be resold in the Multiven Marketplace. Buyers can come from anywhere in the world.

Multiven has among its clients: banks such as Lazard and Natixis; Telecommunications operators such as Orange; Systems integrators such as CapGemini, Integra, Econocom, and defense specialists like Dassault Aviation.


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