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13 Facts on Third Party Maintenance Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Third Party Software Maintenance?

A. Third Party Software Maintenance is objective maintenance of the integrity of software, provided by a company whose (a) core business is software maintenance services and (b) is completely independent of the manufacturer of the software.

Q.What are the advantages of using a Third Party Software Maintenance Service Provider like Multiven?


A. Some of the advantages of using a Third Party Software Maintenance Service Provider like Multiven include, but not limited to;

  1. Lower software and hardware maintenance costs – on average, 50% savings compared to Cisco services;
  2. Lifetime support for software – no end-of-support;
  3. Impartial expert counselling to highlight defects, backdoors and security-risks the manufacturer (and their partners) wouldn’t tell you about;
  4. Reduced capital expenditure and improved network availability from not having to refresh your hardware every five years because of manufacturer-forced obsolescence via their ‘end-of-support’ programs.

Q. Can a Third Party Software Maintenance Provider like Multiven provide me with Cisco bug fixes, patches and updates?

A. Yes. Cisco is bound by law, thanks to Multiven’s global advocacy, to make software updates freely available to all customers with valid software licenses. Cisco provides Multiven with software bug fixes, patches and updates regularly on behalf of Multiven customers – see Exhibit A below.

Q. I heard that Cisco lost an antitrust lawsuit to Multiven and now Multiven can provide customers with Cisco bug fixes, patches and updates….is it true?

A. Yes. On December 1, 2008, Multiven filed a US Federal Antitrust complaint against Cisco in the US District Court of Northern California, for failing to provide customers that have purchased its software with free updates that correct inherent defects in the software, unless they purchased, at additional costs, Cisco services. On July 19, 2010, Cisco settled the lawsuit by making software updates, bug fixes and patches freely available to all Multiven customers worldwide.

Q. On its third party ‘FAQ’ document, Cisco alleges that “Multiven CEO ‘stole’ Cisco software…and is a “fugitive”….Is this true?

A. No. This is a lie that was invented and propagated by Cisco, to maliciously attack the personality of Multiven’s CEO after he turned down Cisco’s multi-million dollar settlement offer in 2009 to quietly settle Multiven’s antitrust lawsuit with limited bug fixes. Cisco went on to lie to the US and Canadian authorities to wrongfully arrest Multiven CEO in May 2010 during his deposition in Multiven v. Cisco, with the hope that it would derail Multiven’s landmark lawsuit. Upon realizing that its ‘arrest agenda’ had failed, Cisco promptly settled Multiven’s antitrust lawsuit on July 19, 2010 making software bug fixes, updates and patches available to all Multiven customers worldwide.

This made Multiven the world’s first, and thus far, only, credible competitor to Cisco services globally. In its 31 May, 2011 ruling, the Canadian Judiciary lambasted the illegal collusion between Cisco and US Justice authorities for using the criminal process to pressure (unsuccessfully) Mr Alfred-Adekeye [and Multiven] into dropping its civil antitrust lawsuit against Cisco. Realizing that Multiven was now un-stoppable as a competitor, on August 11, 2011, Cisco ramped-up its smear campaign by orchestrating a bogus ‘indictment’, based on the same false and preposterous allegation that ‘Multiven CEO or someone under his control, downloaded Cisco IOS software with a total value of $14,000 (Fourteen Thousand Dollars), in 2006 using a Cisco employee provided password”. Cisco has since been wrongfully referring to Multiven CEO as a ‘fugitive’ in its sales and marketing materials, all with the aim of attempting to dissuade would-be customers from purchasing Multiven’s better value and lower cost services. On July 20, 2015 Multiven CEO commenced legal action against Cisco to remedy this libel and slander.


Q. Are Cisco Software licenses now lawfully transferable?

A. Yes, thanks again to Multiven’s global advocacy, all Cisco software licenses (operating system and application software) are now lawfully transferable either directly or via a third-party like Multiven and the new licensee, no longer have to pay Cisco any money in re-licensing fees. This was made possible pursuant to Multiven’s complaint to the Swiss Competition Commission (“ComCo”) whose 2014 ruling impacts all Cisco software in the European Economic Area which includes the European Union 28 nations, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Q. Does this mean that I can now sell all my used and de-commissioned Cisco software in the EEA?


Q. If Multiven sends me a replacement hardware, can I install my licensed software on it?

A. Yes. When you purchase software from Cisco or any other supplier, you have the right to use and enjoy the software forever on any one Cisco equipment you choose to install it in. So, if your current hardware fails, it is perfectly legal for you to re-install your software on the replacement hardware.

Q. Why are Multiven software and hardware maintenance services more cost effective than Cisco services?


A.Maintenance is Multiven’s core business. As such it has invented numerous ground-breaking technology over the past ten years that power its service products. Therefore, Multiven services are more cost effective than Cisco, Juniper, HP etc. because, even though it is superior in quality to manufacturer services, Multiven chooses to pass on the cost-savings derived from technology-enabled efficiencies to customers.


Q. Equipment manufacturers are always urging me to upgrade my software to get new features. Should I?

A. The last bug that quietly exfiltrated your trade secrets through a software backdoor before crashing your network was yesterday’s new feature. If you don’t need it, don’t get it and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Blind upgrades for ‘new features’ that you haven’t independently verified, will only introduce new vulnerabilities that will make your network less stable and less secure. Engage Multiven or other independent network security service providers to help you test and verify all new features before deployment.

Q. Can a Third Party Provider fulfil my Cisco, Juniper, HP, Brocade etc. hardware sparing needs?

A. Yes. New, used and like-new genuine networking equipment hardware is a commodity readily available globally. In fact, it is estimated that there is over $1 Billion worth of it in circulation daily.

Q. I heard that Cisco’s founders stole the original software that became the foundation of Cisco IOS from Stanford University….Is it true?
A. Yes. In fact, Stanford University contemplated filing criminal charges with the US Department of Justice against Cisco and its founders for the theft of its software, hardware designs and other intellectual properties in 1986.

Q. So, Essentially, this means I now have a choice and can procure software and hardware maintenance services from manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, HP etc. or manufacturer-independent service providers like Multiven?
A. Yes.


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