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Cyber-attacks : Defending Against The inevitable.

The Internet, otherwise known as cyber-space, is the fifth domain after air, land, sea and space.

Accordingly, its criticality to personal, corporate and national security cannot be over-emphasized.

The Internet infrastructure comprises of software-driven networked switches, routers, firewalls, servers and storage hardware that switch, route, protect and store all our voice, video and text data from our smartphones, tablets and personal computers, intelligently across the world.

The Internet, a short form of the word Internetwork, is the network of networks.

As evident by recent high profile advanced cyber-attack breaches which have resulted in persistent surveillance, theft of sensitive intellectual property and in some instances the outright degradation, disruption and complete denial of service, it is now clear to that it is impossible to prevent all cyber-attacks.

As such, Governments, businesses and organizations are now forced to re-think their approach to cyber-security especially since traditional firewall and intrusion-detection based solutions have become grossly inadequate. The need for a better way to defend against inevitable advanced threats is now top of mind for all executives.

There are numerous cyber security firms that offer cyber risk assessments, consulting and monitoring with some even claiming to help fend off live attacks. However, most of these are focused at isolating malwares on end-point elements.

It is a known fact that the preferred “choke-point” destination for advanced cyber-attackers looking to maintain a persistent surveillance and/or steal a target’s intellectual property, trade secrets and data “en-masse”, is the core IT network which if compromised, allows an attacker to copy all the data traversing them rather than chasing individual end-point devices.

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