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Cisco Software Licenses: A Marketplace Paradise

All over the world, companies like yours, are sitting on over €50 Billion worth of unwanted pre-owned Cisco software licenses that can now be sold on secondary markets like the  Multiven marketplace.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, Multiven announced that as a result of its advocacy efforts in Europe which began with a complaint to the Swiss Competition Commission (“ComCo”) on January 30, 2012, owners of Cisco Systems, Inc, (“Cisco”) software are now free to transfer their software licenses in Switzerland, the European Union, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Multiven’s complaint to ComCo advocated for the opening up of the Internet network maintenance and security services market for Cisco, the dominant Internet networking equipment manufacturer, to free and fair competition thus enabling greater consumer choice. In its recently published report, ComCo ruled that:

  1. Cisco software licenses are now freely transferable in Switzerland and the European Economic Area
  2. Owners of Cisco software are now entitled to all critical Cisco software updates
  3. Owners of Cisco software are also entitled to all Cisco security software bug fixes
  4. Cisco must publicly communicate and acknowledge the aforementioned to customers factually

Prior to this ruling, consumers that acquired previously owned Cisco software were forced to pay exorbitant re-licensing fees in order to be;

  • recognized as the new rightful owners of the software license by Cisco
  • eligible for software licensee benefits such as software updates

Owners of Cisco software can freely trade or give away their software either as is, or embedded in a Cisco hardware, directly or indirectly, to new owners that will inherit all the software licensee rights and privileges without having to pay Cisco re-licensing fees as was wrongfully practiced before.

Thanks to Multiven, customers now have the right to re-cycle and resell their pre owned Cisco software licenses and un-lock billions in un-monetized value.

Multiven is honored to be at the forefront of these advocacy efforts that are enhancing the security, integrity and reliability of Swiss and European Internet networks. This is yet another milestone that further democratizes the way the Internet is secured and maintained because owners and operators of Cisco equipment now enjoy the same benefits with Multiven services as they do with Cisco’s.

“Multiven has been a steadfast advocate of consumer rights since its early years. We are proud to have contributed to bringing about this much needed change in the Internet networking industry and remain dedicated to providing customers worldwide with the freedom to get the most out of their purchased Cisco hardware and software for the useful life of their equipment.” Peter Alfred-Adekeye

The Multiven Marketplace is an online platform that enables organizations to re-cycle and monetize their pre-owned Cisco Software Licenses.

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