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Equifax Cyberattack: The Impact On Your Business

Equifax Cyberattack: A Short Synopsis of this Attack and its Potential Impact on your Business On March 2, 2017, the Apache foundation disclosed (initially reported by security researcher Nike Zheng et al via - and that a critical vulnerability, with multiple vectors, exist in the Jakarta based file upload Multipart parser used in Apache Struts2, that could… Lire la suite Equifax Cyberattack: The Impact On Your Business

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WannaCry: Why Did This Happen ?

Microsoft could have slowed the devastating spread of ransomware WannaCry to businesses, reports the Financial Times. Instead, it held back a free repair update on machines running older software like Windows XP.

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Cyber-Security: It’s Time To Make Security A Priority

Protecting a company is not a project; it is a process. The technologies used to protect endpoints should be evaluated on an ongoing basis by a security team, as should the protection of the perimeter and servers.

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Shadow Brokers : Major Leak Suggests NSA Infiltrated Middle East Banking System

Highly classified hacking tools used to break into various Microsoft systems, along with what it said was evidence that the N.S.A. had infiltrated the backbone of the Middle East’s banking infrastructure.