TelePacific Communication


  • Industry – Internet Service Provider
  • Service Areas – North America, Europe
  • Number of employees – 1,500+
  • Network Environment – Cisco, Juniper, Redback, HP
  • Core Network Technologies – IP MPLS with QoS
  • Number of customers – 50,000+


Telepacific’s IP network was suffering from severe recurring outages that made the network highly unstable and unreliable which led to end-customer dissatisfaction and brand erosion. These outages occurred because of incompetent Cisco TAC support that continuously misdiagnosed ESR-6CT3 crashes as hardware failures. Furthermore Cisco refused to implement an Engineering Failure Analysis (EFA) on these $100,000 a-piece linecard.

Additional customer concerns with their network maintenance included:

  • Multiple manufacturer service contracts with disparate end dates
  • Expensive Cisco Smartnet (and other OEM) service contracts


  • Within 24 hours of engagement, a Multiven expert engineer competently diagnosed the root cause of the network outages to be an inherent hardware design flaw in the Cisco 10000 ESR-6CT3 linecard which occurs when the linecard CPU is too overwhelmed during traffic spikes to respond to heartbeat messages from the Performance Routing Engine (PRE) thereby forcing the PRE to reset it resulting in the linecard ‘crash’.
  • By migrating their network assets to Multiven’s unified service contract, Telepacific consolidated their procurement process and was issued a single Multiven service contract number for all their network assets with a single anniversary date for their entire network. This eliminated the headaches of managing multiple contracts while enabling Telepacific to add or retire assets at will.
  • Multiven network maintenance services saved Telepacific about 67% in costs compared to Cisco smartnet.


As a direct result of the aforementioned and other best practices instituted by Multiven MTAC, Telepacific’s network is now far more available and reliable than ever before, leading to very positive customer satisfaction and thus a steady growth in revenue and profitability. Today, Telepacific is growing sustainably both organically and though multiple acquisitions, on course to becoming one of the world’s leading Internet Service Providers.


The aforementioned turnaround was made possible by;

  • Telepacific executive and network operations leadership who embraced innovation and change, despite unfounded manufacturer fears, by breaking away from costly and inefficient manufacturer maintenance services.
  • The seamless collaboration between Telepacific’s hard-working in-house engineers and Multiven MTAC.